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Reinvent Law – Silicon Valley Conference

I’m heading out later this week to the Reinvent Law Silicon Valley Conference, which is shaping up to be a crash course in the current state of flux in the legal profession and the opportunities it presents. The schedule is packed with talks by key players in the transformation, such as the founder of Axiom Law, and people following it, such as Bill Henderson of Indiana Law School. One of its organizers, Dan Katz of Michigan State University Law School, explains that topics will include “LegalTechStartUp, Lawyer Regulation, Quantitative Legal Prediction, Legal Supply Chain, Project Management, Technology Aided Access to Justice, Design, 3D-Printing, Driverless Cars, Business of Law, Legal Education, Legal Information Engineering, New Business Models for Law, Lean Lawyering, Augmented Reality, Legal Process Outsourcing, Big Data, New Markets for Law, Virtual Law Practice, E-Discovery, Information Visualization, E-Discovery, Legal Entrepreneurship, Legal Automation … and much more.” Coming on the heels of the Georgetown Center for the Study of the Legal Profession’s 2013 Report on the State of the Legal Market, which confirms the trends seen in the past few years are deeply rooted, the Reinvent Law conference is worth checking out. I will provide a summary and assessment when I return.

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