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Law 2050 Rides Again!

Summer is over and classes start today here at Vanderbilt Law School, which means Law 2050 is back in action! Later today I will ramp up the second year of the Law 2050 class and begin posting about it and topics of interest to legal futurists.

The first order of business is to thank the many wonderful people who have agreed to be guest speakers in the class. Like last year’s lineup, it’s an exceptional set of presenters. Their perspectives bring life to the class and enhance the student experience in so many ways. Today’s post is devoted to them–many thanks to you all!

Aug. 25: Guest Speaker Panel – Law firm leaders discuss the state of the practice

Aug. 26: Guest Speaker Panel – Corporate in-house counsel discuss the drivers of change

Sept 9: Guest Speaker Panel – The globalization and consolidation of law firms

Sept. 29: Guest speaker – Larry Bridgesmith of ERM Legal Solutions: Introduction to legal process management

Sept. 30: Guest speaker – Marc Jenkins of Cicayda: Introduction to e-discovery and information technology

Oct. 6: Panel Discussion: Alternatives to BigLaw – What is their “new normal”?

Oct. 14: Demonstration of Lex Machina Legal Analytics

Oct 20: Guest speaker – Zygmunt Plater of Boston College Law School: The future of environmental law

Oct. 27: Guest speaker – Michael Mills of Neota Logic: Introduction to Neota Logic compliance software

Nov. 17: Guest Speaker Panel – Law firm economics and advancement, big and small

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