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Law 2050 Student Research Topics – From Anti-Ageing Drugs to Mind Uploading and Beyond

We’re at that stage in my Law 2050 class when the fun really begins!

One of the themes of the class is that young attorneys need to be far more entrepreneurial these days than was the case even a decade ago. Each year I challenge my students to identify an “outside the law” technological, social, economic, environmental, or other trend and build a scenario around it to anticipate its future legal implications. They use their selected topic to work through three types of business development writing: a blog post, client alert letter, and bar journal article. This kind of exercise develops the skill set needed to find opportunities around emerging trends, such as drones. Indeed, to set the example I invited James Mackler, an attorney with Frost Brown Todd’s Nashville office who over the past two years has built a national practice around the legal issues associated with private use of drones, to explain to the class how he took an idea and evolved it from scratch into a new legal opportunity–a practice that would not have been on anyone’s mind five years ago. His presentation inspired many of my students to think big about how they can spot trends and develop expertise to project to peers and clients through writing, presentations, and other business development opportunities.

As in previous years, the student topics span a wide variety of trends and themes. In coming weeks, in addition to the writing assignments each student will have a few minutes to give the class an “elevator pitch” about their topic. I’m looking forward to learning about:

  • AirBnb
  • organic seed technology
  • 3D printing of drugs, organs, and food
  • virtually reality technology
  • designer babies
  • mind uploading
  • the IP of cannabis
  • e-cig litigation
  • off-grid battery storage
  • driverless cars
  • brain scan advancements in concussion detection
  • facial recognition software
  • bitcoins and block chain technology
  • micro payments
  • synthetic meat
  • wearable technologies
  • daily fantasy leagues
  • smart clothes
  • anti-ageing drugs
  • litigation funding
  • virtual medical consulting
  • artificial heart advancements
  • AI robot ethics
  • mega franchising
  • music streaming
  • fracking
  • robotic surgery
  • biostamps
  • genetic engineering

There’s gotta be some future billable hours in there somewhere!

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