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Final assignment in my Law 2050 class – How would you answer these questions?

The final class session in Law 2050 was yesterday. It has been a blast, and now that I can reflect on it I plan several wrap-up posts. For now, though, how would you answer the three prompts I assigned for the final paper:

1. Congratulations—I have hired you as my speech writer! The Dean has asked me to deliver a talk to the incoming 1L class next year at the beginning of the academic year. He has asked me to summarize the most important themes covered in the Law Practice 2050 class, offer advice to the new law students about how to approach their legal education with those themes in mind, and inspire them to begin thinking about what they can do to best position themselves to enter and succeed in the “new normal” of legal practice in three years. Please draft the speech for me. (suggested length: 1500 – 2000 words)

2. Congratulations again—the Dean has appointed you to be the new student representative to the Law School Curriculum Committee! The Law School is considering how to innovate its curriculum to respond to the “new normal” in the legal industry and best position students to enter and succeed in legal practice over first 10 years of their careers. Please prepare a memo for the Committee with your ideas. Be specific: What courses and other curricular components do you propose? What would be their content and format? How would they be delivered? Who would teach them? What would be the work product and other expectations? How would they be graded or otherwise evaluated? How would students benefit from them? What are the goals? (suggested length: 1000 – 1500 words)

3. Write a letter to yourself to be opened in five years. Tell yourself the steps you plan to take to best position yourself to be where you aspire to be in your legal career five years from now. I will mail this to you in five years. (suggested length: whatever you decide)


  1. Marc Jenkins says:

    Great assignment. Makes them apply learning and incorporates a feedback loop for you and the law school.

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