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Law 2050 Is Back – Starting with a huge round of thanks to my guest speakers

My one-month unannounced break from posts is over–Law 2050 is back! I would say the break was voluntary, but grading 61 1L Property exams, hosting six relatives over the holidays, and reading an enormous stack of papers from my 45 Law 2050 students kind of got in the way of blogging, with good reason.

Before I dig into my backlog of possibly interesting posts about the future of the law, the legal profession, and legal education, I want to thank all of the guest speakers who made the Law 2050 class a success. Based on the probing reviews my students compiled, you all truly had an impact and deserve recognition for being willing to share your time with the students to better prepare them for entering the profession during these transformational times. On behalf of them, and from my heart as well, THANK YOU! The honor roll follows in order of appearance:

Law firm managing partners discuss the state of the practice

  • Ben Adams – Baker Donelson
  • Richard Hays – Alston & Bird
  • Stephen Mahon – Squire Sanders

Corporate in-house counsel discuss the drivers of change

  • Reuben Buck – Cisco
  • Jim Cuminale – Nielson
  • Cheryl Mason – Hospital Corporation of America

Scenario Building Case Study: Climate Change

  • Prof. David Hess – Vanderbilt Sociology Department
  • Prof. Jonathan Gilligan – Vanderbilt Environmental Sciences Department

Legal Project and Process Management

  • Larry Bridgesmith – ERM Legal Solutions
  • Marc Jenkins – Cicayda
  • Dan Willoughby – King & Spalding

Law firm associates discuss life in the modern law firm

  • Ashley Bassel – Bass Berry
  • Daniel Flournoy – Waller Lansden
  • Sarah Laird – Bradley Arant
  • Chris Lalonde – Nelson Mullins

Measuring Lawyer Performance

  • Paul Lippe – Legal OnRamp

Alternatives to the Big Law model

  • Walt Burton – Thompson Burton
  • Eric Schultenover – Counsel on Call

Legal Technology Case Study

  • Michael Mills – Neota Logic

Scenario Building Case Study: The Bioengineered Superhuman

  • Prof. Michael Bess – Vanderbilt History Department

Implementing LEAN Law

  • John Murdoch – Bradley Arant
  • Prof. Nancy Lea Hyer – Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management

Capstone Lecture: The Future of the Legal Industry

  • Prof. Bill Henderson – Indiana University-Bloomington Law School

More posts to follow soon…

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